Life is a tough journey that we all must endure, we might stumble and fall, in need of a helping hand to guide us through our journey, supporting us every step of the way.

I am here to offer you a hand of specialized assistance to cross together towards a better reality and life, through psychological and counselling sessions.

Family and Marital Problems

Dealing with family and marital problems requires an expert hand to help you understand the basis of problems, get the best solutions, and develop your life always for the better.


Losing loved ones due to death, loss, painful separation experience, or after accidents and violent trauma is so hard to go through. All of these situations require psychological guidance who can extend a helping hand with behavioural and methodological.

Adapting to the Changes

The stages of life from adolescence, puberty, marriage, motherhood, mid-life crisis or retirement all have effects on our psychological and behavioural state. This may require counselling sessions to understand, accept change and adapt.

Face our Fears

Social phobia, psychological burnout, anxiety and panic attacks are all harmful feelings that affect the normal course of life. It often needs psychological counselling to assist the patient in moving on and overcoming them.

Depression and Mental Disorders

The crises, difficulties, and daily pressures that the person is exposed to; make them easy prey to depression and mental disorders. It requires seeking advice and assistance from a consultant and psychotherapist who can return to practising life in a normal way again.

Self-Knowledge and Development

The recognition and development of self, the discovery of personal skills and abilities, enhance confidence and self-esteem are some of the most valuable outcomes of psychological counselling sessions.