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Are you Emotionally Stupid?

Author: Nancy Smeda

Publisher: Molhemon for Publishing and Distribution

Publishing Date: January 2021

Pages: 170 pages

Why do we meet people, become fascinated with their personalities, and envy them for their confidence, quick response, their ability to persuade, and influence? What do they have that you do not? And why do you always think that they are better than you, more stable and self-confident?

Then why do you stutter, get confused in some situations, and feel inferior, contemptuous, and unworthy? 

Why can’t you quench this psychological mob, and end the negative conversations that negatively affect your presence, your responses, your emotions, your choice of the style of your expressions, and your relationships with others?.

Simply, What makes a person emotionally intelligent and successful in his relationship with himself and others and another emotionally stupid floundering inside the prison of his feelings, exhausting himself, exhausting those around him, and failing in his relationships?

We always complain all the time that other people don’t understand us but the fact is that we don’t understand ourselves yet.